Welcome to Hip Hop H2O

Welcome to the world of Hip Hop H2O, where your lyrics can get quenched with a simple swig of the hippest water you’ll ever drink. It’s a known fact that nothing douses that thirst like water, and we’re here to prove it. Everybody’s drinking it; bottled water in hand has become a fashionable accessory, and we have found a way to make it even cooler. Hip Hop H2O, coupled with one of the hottest industries in history is about to be taken to a new level.

So, when you see us in the stores, give us a try. When you see us in the community, show some love. We’re getting the word out to kids, teenagers and adults, that some sodas and juices aren’t always the way to go. Now, there’s a healthier, much cooler alternative. And we’re doing it all for the love of hip-hop.

Our History

We are a unique and fast-growing company. Our goal is to provide a cool and healthy drink alternative for both children and adults. We’ve faced a lot of challenges in our first few years— starting up and competing with much larger corporations, but we’re overcoming those challenges to bring a healthy, exciting product to our community.
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